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Bayer in South Africa celebrates gender equal rights in the workplace

Peter Kilroe-Daley - Bayer South Africa_edited

June is Global Pride Month – a time to celebrate the Lesbian, Gay, Bisexual, Transgender, Queer and more (LGBTQ+) community worldwide.

Inclusion and equality are important every day – but participating in Pride Month is especially meaningful. It is a chance to support and represent LGBTQ+ people, to amplify their voices, and to acknowledge and tackle the difficulties they still face today.

In observing the Global Pride Month, we look into the life of Peter Kilroe-Daley, Customer Interaction Representative at Bayer in South Africa.

  • Who is Peter? (How do you describe yourself, where do you come from, and what’s your motto in life)
    • I come from the East Rand and have lived there all of my life. I went to primary school Benoni and then high school in Boksburg at Christian Brothers College and my life motto is: “Doing everything with a smile.”
  • Why do you feel it is important for South African companies to celebrate World Pride Month?
    • To promote inclusivity and diversity, show support to employees while also attracting and retaining talent in the organization. Giving a sense of safety and comfort to employees.
  • As part of the LGBTQ+ community, what has your experience been like while at Bayer?
    • From the moment I first walked into the Bayer offices, I was acquainted with the Blend Banner in the reception, and this brought an immediate sense of security and comfort to me.
  • What kind of challenges do people within the LGBTQ+ community typically face within the workplace?
    • Personally, I haven’t faced any.
  • Do you feel that South African companies are improving when it comes to inclusion and equality?
    • Yes, I 100% believe that companies are showing real awareness to the LGBTQ+ community and are bringing a sense of security to the people who are part of this community.
  • Including people of various races, genders and sexualities encourages more diverse contributions and increases innovation. Why do you think this is the case?
    • People of various races, genders and sexualities generally contribute different ideas and see things from different perspectives. This can often spark new creative ideas.
  • In what ways can South African companies show their support for the LGBTQ+ community, both during World Pride Month as well as throughout the year?
    • South African companies could really just help in bringing awareness to Pride month and actually sharing the information on what pride month stands for, and what it entails.
  • What message would you like to convey to those within the LGBTQ+ community this World Pride Month?
    • That you’re not alone, it’s okay not to be okay and that being your authentic self will always bring you the truest of happiness. 

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