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Covid-19 as a catalyst for reshaping society

Hlanganisa Bongiwe Ndondo 2

Hlanganisa Institute in Development Southern Africa in collaboration with donor partners has provided emergency funding and support to nearly 100 community-based organisations (CBOs) during the COVID-19 pandemic – and aims to assist more organisations providing life-saving support to thousands of people in South Africa, says executive director Bongiwe Ndondo.

Based on the COVID-19 work of CBOs, and the success of task-sharing between health staff and community health workers in the HIV epidemic, Hlanganisa proposes that CBOs should be integral to the rollout plan for the COVID-19 vaccination drive in their regions.  

Bongiwe argues that recovery in a post-COVID world should not mean a return to our former status quo. “COVID-19 laid bare and deepened our extreme social and economic disparities, leaving women and other socially marginalised groups worst affected. This is the chance to reset and move beyond recovery towards a new, more inclusive and equal reality.”

“Economic recovery from Covid-19 will be shaped by the fundamental political and even ideological shifts in the architecture of our society – and not by the amount of money we put towards the recovery plan… I invite those who want to be part of driving social change during this period to partner with Hlanganisa to channel resources to the communities that need them.”

These words will remain with you long after you listen to Bongiwe’s speech. The question is: what part will you play to help reshape our society?

Watch and listen to Bongiwe’s speech here:

More about Hlanganisa

Hlanganisa Institute for Development Southern Africa is an innovative grant-maker with the experience, insights and community networks to enable your organisation to improve the lives of society’s most vulnerable. By bridging the gap between funder and communities, we provide a vital link between our partners and those organisations that will make best use of your funds to uplift their communities.

To build a community, three things are needed: the skills to identify the best recipients, the funds to catalyse their growth, and the training and mentorship to achieve greatest impact. With our community networks and on the ground understanding of challenges in marginalised areas, we can effect real change. Let us turn your funds into measurable improvement in quality of life of communities in Southern Africa.

Contact Hlanganisa via their website, call +27 (0)11 726 1090, or send an email.


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