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Empowering futures – DBSA’s impactful corporate social investment in education

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In its steadfast commitment to sustainable socio-economic development, the Development Bank of Southern Africa (DBSA) takes pride in its transformative Corporate Social Investment (CSI) initiatives.

Focused on education, particularly in Early Childhood Development (ECD), Primary and Secondary schools, DBSA’s approach is meticulously aligned with the Bank’s strategic focus areas and guided by the principles of sustainability, impact, and accountability.

Addressing the full spectrum of education: Education is the cornerstone of the DBSA’s CSI strategy, spanning the critical stages of ECD, Primary and Secondary schools. The Bank recognises the profound impact of quality education at each stage of a child’s development and is committed to ensuring that all South African children have access to a transformative learning experience.

The ECD Imperative – A strong foundation for tomorrow: The primary focus of DBSA’s CSI initiatives is ECD, particularly in rural and peri-urban areas. Understanding the significance of the first 1,000 days of a child’s life, the DBSA invests in initiatives that create nurturing environments, providing quality education during these formative years. By doing so, the Bank contributes to breaking the cycle of poverty and laying the groundwork for inclusive and sustainable growth in South Africa.

Challenges across education stages: Recognising that sustainable change extends beyond ECD, the DBSA acknowledges the critical role of Primary and Secondary education. Challenges such as inadequate infrastructure, insufficient resources,

and disparities in educational opportunities persist across all stages. The DBSA’s CSI initiatives, therefore, aim to address these challenges comprehensively, ensuring that the impact goes beyond physical structures to foster personal growth and development.

Comprehensive solutions for sustainable impact: In the fiscal year 2022/23, the DBSA made a significant investment of R24 million in more than 27 ECD facilities and programmes, as well as Primary and Secondary school initiatives.

Our CSI initiatives are designed not only to provide financial support but also to foster self-sufficiency and empower communities. Sustainability is embedded in our interventions, encompassing infrastructure development, sanitation, nutrition, and education. By addressing the multifaceted needs of communities, the DBSA aims to elevate the impact and ensure the long-term success of its initiatives across all education stages.

Some of the areas the Bank invested in were R800,000 in Tshikudini, Musina, Limpopo towards the infrastructure of three classrooms, for outdoor play equipment and painting of the facilities benefitting 424 children and 105 families. In Colesberg in the Northern Cape there was an investment of R1 700,000 in the building of ECD centre with 165 beneficiaries. Kraaifontein in the Western Cape received R400,000 for a prefabricated structure housing 79 children.

The DBSA continued to show impact in Bloemfontein at Qalo ya Bohale by investing R300,000 at the ECD centre through its construction of flushable toilets and outdoor equipment benefiting 97 young ones. In Gonuble in the Eastern Cape R900,000 was advanced for the refurbishment of the infrastructure ECD centre, the construction of the prefabricated structures and outdoor equipment for 5 creches to be used by 150 children and 12 adults including creche owners and assistants.

In the last financial year Gaansbaai in the Western Cape was the recipient of R900,000 for the Day Care Centre for disabled individuals where asbestos was replaced with sustainable materials, and this benefitted 21 people. Stilfontein in the North West province received R600,000 for construction of ECD centre for 40 children. Flagstaff in Eastern Cape was disbursed R1 500,000 to build classrooms and toilets for the ECD centre benefitting 601 children in the community while another R1 300,000 was invested building classrooms and toilets for 687 children in the same community.

In rural Duncan Village in the Eastern Cape R600,000 was financed for an ECD centre structure and toilets for 50 young children.

Yet another recipient from the DBSA CSI Programme was a school in Vanderbijlpark in Gauteng where R500,000 was invested into building Grade 7 classrooms, a vegetable garden and instituting a recycling programme with 167 beneficiaries.

All these initiatives that fall under the DBSA CSI Programme were towards not only improving the quality life of the children but the community as a whole thereby making a deep, meaningful, and long-lasting impact on the communities in which they developed the infrastructure.

Aligning with global and national goals: The DBSA’s CSI initiatives align seamlessly with the Sustainable Development Goals (SDGs), particularly SDG 4 emphasising inclusive and equitable quality education. This alignment extends to SDG 6 focusing on clean water and sanitation and SDG 2 addressing improved nutrition and sustainable agriculture. These global goals, in line with the National Development Plan (NDP) Vision 2030, guide our efforts to ensure access to quality education for all South African children.

Community-centric collaboration for lasting change: to maximise impact and ensure long-term sustainability, the dbsa actively collaborates with non-profit organisations (NPOs) and engages local communities. by involving npos and local stakeholders, we create holistic, community-driven solutions that address the specific challenges faced at each education stage.

Empowering individuals and communities: Education remains a key pillar of our approach. Through partnerships with stakeholders, the DBSA aims to enhance the quality of education provided in ECD centres, Primary, and Secondary schools. This includes supporting teacher training programmes, providing learning materials, and improving the overall learning environment. By empowering individuals and communities through quality education, the DBSA envisions a transformative force that leads to lasting prosperity across all education stages.

“The DBSA reiterates its unwavering commitment to transformative CSI initiatives, with a dedicated focus on fostering education from ECD to Primary and Secondary schools. Through meticulously planned investments, the DBSA envisions a future where every South African child has access to quality education, shattering barriers and catalysing socio-economic growth for the nation” Mr Soneni Phiri, Head of Communications, Marketing and Events (includes CSI).


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