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Welcome to the 2023/24 edition of the ESD Handbook, widely recognised as South Africa’s authoritative resource showcasing the latest projects, trends, and advancements in small business development.

It is undeniable that entrepreneurship, in order to become a major source of employment and a driver of economic growth, requires deliberate support. Small, Medium, and Micro Enterprises (SMMEs) commonly face challenges such as limited market access, funding constraints, and cash flow management issues. An effective Entrepreneurial and Supplier Development (ESD) programme is meticulously crafted to facilitate and enhance the growth of small businesses. This includes specialised support, networking opportunities, access to capital, and, most notably, the procurement of goods and services from SMMEs by corporate South Africa.

South Africa, as a prominent economy on the African continent spanning various industries, including mining, agriculture, manufacturing, and services, offers ample opportunities for SMMEs. However, for South Africa to genuinely live up to the notion of “business,” it requires the right support systems and strategic partnerships.

Under the theme “South Africa Means Business,” this year’s handbook delves into critical aspects of ESD, encompassing Entrepreneurial Empowerment, Social Entrepreneurship Programmes, the Green Economy, Impact Investing, Preferential Procurement, SME Growth Support, Research, and Training.

This edition of the handbook spotlights outstanding contributors within the realm of social innovation – individuals and entities that wholeheartedly embrace the business of driving ESD programmes and significantly empowering small businesses and entrepreneurs.

There is no denying that the relationship between a corporate entity and an SME in an ESD partnership is symbiotic—it must be mutually beneficial and aligned with each party’s business objectives. With the right strategic alliances, ESD serves as a potent vehicle for nurturing enduring small businesses that make substantial contributions to the country’s economic development.

Sizwe Zim – Editor

Read the ESD Handbook on the link below.

ESD Handbook 2023/24

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