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Unpacking Bayer’s Commitment to “Health for All, Hunger for None” in Africa


At Bayer, we believe in a world without hunger, a future without disease, and the humility to innovate for the greater good. Our mission Health for All and Hunger for None, may sound like an overly optimistic and unobtainable goal, however, drives us daily, pushing us to develop innovative solutions in agriculture, self-care, and prescription medicine.

By Jorge Levinson, the Senior Bayer Representative for Sub-Saharan Africa.

Addressing the global hunger challenges and promoting healthcare for all are not just moral imperatives; they are essential for building a healthier, more equitable world.

There are approximately 33 million smallholder farmers in the Sub-Saharan Africa region. These smallholder farms contribute up to 90% of food production in some countries within Sub-Saharan Africa (FAO), thereby indicating the significant role they play in terms of household food security and income. As good as this sounds, many farmers however still face challenges, including limited market access and in-depth farming expertise.

Recognising that empowering smallholder farmers across the Sub-Saharan Africa region is crucial for food security, Bayer’s partnerships with, for example, Grain SA in South Africa and Cereal Growers Association in Kenya strive to unleash the potential of individual smallholders by guiding them to make data-driven decisions and using fewer resources which is beneficial for the communities at large, the environment, and the future needs.

On the healthcare front, through continuous innovations, Bayer is working to make personal health more effective, sustainable, accessible, and personalised. We are building partnerships across the continent such as Mobile Health Clinics and Reach52, so that disadvantaged communities gain access to quality, affordable, or no-cost health services. Similarly, partnerships with Zuri Health and Unjani Clinics have positively impacted many low-income and middle-income communities in the Sub-Saharan region.

Central to transformative change are women entrepreneurs who are breaking barriers, and leading innovation in health, nutrition, and climate-smart initiatives. Bayer supports these trailblazers through the annual Women Empowerment Awards, demonstrating our commitment to advancing women’s health and empowering female customers to lead self-directed, healthy lives.

Leveraging my multicultural background gained through working in diverse countries across Europe, Middle East and Africa, I bring the ability to understand and appreciate the distinctiveness of each country. This perspective not only opens me up to learning about the diverse challenges faced by these regions but also enables me to identify and seize can make a positive impact in lives. I am enthusiastic about the prospects that Bayer presents in Africa, and this is what my team and I will continue to focus on as we strive towards enabling our Mission: Health for all and Hunger for none.


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