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Afrika Tikkun introduces free B-BBEE consultation campaign

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Every month is Youth Month at Afrika Tikkun. Recognised as one of South Africa’s most impactful organisations, Afrika Tikkun works with its partners to end child poverty and youth unemployment.

As part of the Afrika Tikkun stable of companies, Afrika Tikkun Services (ATS) was established in 2012 to help corporate clients evaluate their transformation mandate, build solutions that align with their social and business requirements and contribute concretely towards reducing youth unemployment.

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“We are the career development and placement arm of the Afrika Tikkun Cradle to Career 360˚ model,” explains Craig Van Buuren, Afrika Tikkun Services Partnership and Marketing Manager. “This model is a comprehensive approach to child and youth development that considers the needs of each young person across different stages of their lives by offering a set of programmes and support services to counter the effect of poverty and inequality for each young person that comes through their doors. In this way, we are actively working towards the reduction of youth unemployment in a sustainable manner.”

In partnership with Afrika Tikkun Non-profit Company (NPC), ATS strives to develop productive entry- to mid-level candidates, by aiding the empowerment of young job seekers and future leaders through the Cradle to Career 360˚ model.

A free B-BBEE consultation campaign

From now until the end of July 2021, ATS is offering its current and potential clients a free 45-minute consultation around their skills development, enterprise development and socio-economic development needs. ATS uses these elements within the B-BBEE scorecard to access opportunities for its candidates.

This is a great opportunity for companies looking to make a social impact while also achieving B-BBEE compliance.

Why partner with ATS?

Afrika Tikkun Services (Pty) Ltd (ATS) is a Level 1 Broad-Based Black Economic Empowerment (B-BBEE) advisory, recruitment, training and placement company, supporting the full integration of youth employability and placement solutions in organisations.

We are recognised as a passionate and reliable organisation. While other organisations focus on short-term projects, we take the long-term view. Working with like-minded partners, our key focus is supporting young people to access sustainable employment/self-employment. Graduates of the Afrika Tikkun Cradle to Career 360˚ programme are productive adults, capable of sustaining themselves and contributing to the economy.

Our big focus for our clients is to help them adopt a transformative approach regarding the B–BBEE scorecard. By doing this we ensure implementation of B-BBEE that is in the best interest of the business whilst creating social impact.

“Our motivation is to leverage the scorecard to enable us to provide opportunities for young people to access the economy through skills development scorecard elements like  learnerships, bursaries, training and YES (work experience placements),” says Craig. “By doing this, we also strategically assist businesses with building a talent pipeline.”

This is a proven win-win social impact strategy with measurable, life-changing results.

To find out more about Afrika Tikkun Services’ Free B-BBEE consultation campaign, visit their website today.


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