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How to prepare for a career in app development

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Developers are always in demand and app developers are more important than ever to support digital transformation work in every industry.

Almost every list of in-demand IT jobs places  software developers at the top of the list. Companies are always looking for more professionals to support vital business operations and use new platforms to build new products and services. 

The following Hiring Kits from TechRepublic Premium explore some of the top application jobs available and what it takes to excel in the field. It’s also important to get up to speed with the latest productivity apps that can support day-to-day responsibilities both professionally and personally. The 200+ essential apps roundup has you covered on that score. 

Hiring Kit: Mobile application developer

In addition to strong programming skills, successful mobile application developers understand how mobile devices and mobile culture work. This knowledge does not always come from work experience exclusively, as life experience can play an equally important role. Finding and recruiting a skillset that combines high-level programming skills with intricate and intimate knowledge of mobile devices will require a comprehensive hiring process. This Hiring Kit will guide you through the hiring process.

Hiring Kit: Application engineer

Application engineers need technical expertise in programming, design, business, and the software and hardware required to run the application. This Hiring Kit provides an adjustable framework your business can use to find, recruit, and ultimately hire the right application engineer for the job.

Hiring Kit: Application Support Engineer

The Application Support Engineer’s duties include providing technical support for developing new software, installing new systems, and maintaining current systems for both functionality and security. The software involved changes with the business environment and the industry, so Application Support Engineers must have a wide range of technical skills. This Hiring Kit will help you craft the right job description for your company’s needs.

200+ essential apps you need to know about

This ebook takes a deep dive into more than 200 mobile apps that business users need to know about. This list covers crucial iOS and Android apps and delves into some of the best online learning apps for distance learning collaboration and explores the mobile payment apps best suited for SMBs.


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