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Mozambik Group – Pioneering Collective Capitalism

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The Mozambik Restaurant Group and e-commerce and retail platform Humble will this week launch a 2-week pilot programme in Gauteng and the Durban North Coast to drive community entrepreneurship and create income opportunities for individuals, charities, and communities.

Mozambik has expanded its restaurant business into a typical hot food delivery and take-away service as well as grown into an unprepared meal grocery business. Together with Humble, a community-based e-commerce system was developed. The success of Mozambik’s grocery brand Mozambik4Home, presently online, has prompted the group to further invest in its potential, but by empowering South Africans.

“We have all been severely impacted as salaries have been slashed, jobs lost and families are taking strain,” says Mozambik chief executive Manny Nichas. “Instead of expanding our grocery business traditionally through bricks and mortar, we are shifting our focus to creating income opportunities for communities.”

This means that qualifying parties can become Mozambik representatives and earn income through grocery and later, other sales. “Our plan is to create a network of neighbourhood consultants who will earn income by selling our products to friends, family and, literally, everyone in their street,” adds Nichas.

Concomitant to this, by example Home Industries and people making and selling products from home will soon be able to list their products and sell goods to one another through the system. “The intention is to create a 360 degree potential income channel for South Africans,” says Nichas. “The project is ultimately designed for everyone to benefit.

Mozambik will make available the Humble developed community e-commerce platform accessible on all devices including smartphones along with online catalogues and ordering systems to empower neighbourhood representatives with deliveries of goods;  either managed by individuals’ self-fulfilling orders or plugged into the Mozambik delivery grid.

“Geographic areas will be allocated to successful applicants to ensure there are no overlaps with full back-end support.” Nichas adds that estimates, based on current trading, show persons can generate positive income. “In some communities sales could be as easy as driving revenue through community WhatsApp and social media groups, sales to colleagues at work or simply to neighbours.”

Should the pilot be successful, Mozambik will roll out the programme via its national footprint with plans to develop additional products and services to support growth in opportunity.

“Once we have a network of community entrepreneurs earning supplemental income, new products and services will enhance earning-ability even more.” This is where business and community must come together and work together for the survival and prosperity of everyone. Bringing business back to neighbourhoods and supporting one another as citizens.”

Applications for the pilot project is now open and potential representatives must complete an online application form, available via

Applications for the pilot project closes 25 June 2020.


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