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The Wot-if trust

The Wot-if trust are considered leaders in the fields of transformation, social innovation and community development, and their mission is to create self-sustaining initiatives based on innovative models that are replicable, scalable and measurable.

The key focus is on developing women and youth, nurturing education, and cultivating a spirit of entrepreneurship, to ensure the creation of sustainable opportunities.

Real stories, real people & real challenges in Diepsloot under the Covid-19 Lockdown

Unlike children in more privileged suburbs, children in townships face challenges most of the time, and more so during lockdown. With no devices or access to the internet, school lessons are non-existent, and boredom is the order of the day.

Moses is 14. He lost his mom during the early days of lockdown. He has a prized robotics Lego set that his mom got him a few months ago, and the Wot-if trust featured his story in their Covid in the Kasi Social Media Campaign. This resulted in the donation of more Lego for Moses and other Lego that they were able to donate to other children in the Township.

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