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DNA is a dynamic programme that focuses on talents who represent the vibrancy and distinctive character of the new African identity. Good business from Good Design. The project links 16 highly respected design companies from 10 countries from East, West and Southern Africa that have been selected for their diverse voice, sophisticated and original product and unique global identity. The programme is an immediate and business orientated initiative to reposition ‘African Design’ in the global arena. Designing and producing in Africa has very specific difficulties and mentorship between the members, addressing shared challenges and group problem solving are core ideals. DNA supports each member company in the specific area in which they most require assistance. From product development to marketing, business acumen and production capability, troubleshooting will be focused and specialised. The programme has also been devised to encourage design and production collaboration between the designers, utilizing one another’s manufacturing processes and materials, resulting in a range of new products and a true interchange of aesthetics and narratives. Design Network Africa is coordinated by Source, initiated by CKU and funded by the Danish Government.



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