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YOUTH MONTH: Bridging the gap with ‘Career Speed Networking’ day 

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In celebration of Youth Month, Sun International hosted matric learners from Tembisa High School and Mpilisweni Secondary School in a career day with a twist. 

Sun International remodelled the concept of “speed dating”, where one meets and evaluates potential matches in a short, timed encounter, to a “Career Speed Networking” session where learners engaged with professionals from across the gaming and hospitality company.  

The 54 matric learners each interacted with 52 professionals from Sun International’s central office in Sandton – from 12 departments such as legal, sustainability, human resources, audit and finance – to help them better understand each career and see if any sparked interest. They were able to ask meaningful questions for 15-minutes before moving to the next station.

Verna Robson, Director of Group Human Resources at Sun International, emphasised the significance of partnering with adopted schools and implementing sustainable programmes that support education and personal growth. “Our event was about career exploration by providing learners with direct access to our professionals, which could help them make better-informed decisions about their future career paths.”

Muxe Mambana, Director of Internal Audit at Sun International, shed light on what is often a misunderstood department. “The primary responsibility of internal auditors is to provide assurance to the business across various operations, ranging from information technology to compliance. We are also the only department that has a comprehensive view of the entire company which is why we understand and access the company’s operations holistically.”

Tembisa High School teacher Ande Mgoboza praised Sun International for giving learners exposure to the corporate environment and hospitality industry while building professional networks. “Career days like this bridge the gap between theoretical knowledge and practical application and allow learners to visualise themselves in a future career. It also helps them understand the qualifications required, so they can plan for their tertiary prerequisites.”

“There is a misconception that because we are in the hospitality industry, we only have careers in hospitality. We have marketing, finance, legal, IT, and other departments just like other corporates, and because we are in the hospitality industry, we client service as well with no day and month ever looking the same. We have exciting jobs that attract the youth,” said Robson. 

The Sun International Career Speed Networking day served as a platform to demystify the corporate world of hospitality and gaming and expose learners to a wide range of career opportunities available in these sectors.  “We are committed to youth development, and thought it was fitting to provide valuable career guidance to them during Youth Month,” said Robson.  

With a stated socio-economic development focus on education, Sun International will continue with youth development initiatives such as this and expand its reach and positive impact.



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