Financial Mail’s The Human Face of Business showcases corporate SA’s response to covid-19.

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Now in its 12th year, CSI: The Human Face of Business has become the key reference guide for best practice and innovation in SA social investment.

With the social, economic and health challenges emerging from the Covid-19 crisis, thousands of South Africans are set to be adversely impacted – throwing into sharp relief the importance of continued corporate social investment (CSI) and philanthropic efforts.

This year, CSI – The Human Face of Business, will highlight the critical role that corporate programmes, non-profit organisations, civil society and social sector organisations play, especially in a crisis such as this.

Distributed to 30,000 readers through Financial Mail, CSI: Human Face of Business is a sought after annual collection of case studies and research to support corporate South Africa’s contribution to development.

Choose from a range of advertorial formats – from an advert or Q&A with your sustainability manager to case studies or advertorial profiles on particular projects. You are welcome to supply your own material or use one of our experienced in-house journalists to assist you with your piece free of charge.


  • CSI has become a strategic – and moral – imperative for South African companies, with organisations spending millions in support of development in areas as diverse as health, education, the environment, and entrepreneurship. Committed social investors seek to extend their learnings and experience through platforms such as CSI: Human Face of Business.
  • CSI commitment has become a key differentiator for companies in the eyes of business partners, customers and even current staff and prospective next generation employees.
  • Showcasing the extent of your CSI commitment adds value to your brand and enhances the impact of your efforts.
  • This easy-to-read, visually stimulating A5 sized book is distributed with the Financial Mail, SA’s largest weekly business magazine. The magazine targets a high-end readership in LSMs 8 – 10, including business owners, thought leaders and public sector decision-makers.
  • CSI: Human Face of Business will profile the most impactful and pioneering CSI projects, the strategy behind them, and the innovation at their heart. It will also include thought leadership and research presented at the annual Serious Social Investment conference.

Extend your influence and impact with our new digital offering, reaching more than 60 000 newsletter readers and thousands of viewers on social media and the World Wide Web.

Extend your influence and impact with our new digital offering, reaching more than 60 000 newsletter readers and thousands of viewers on social media.

Email to book your pages in this year’s CSI: The Human Face of Business.

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