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Introducing Galelo Africa: Empowering small businesses for a thriving economy

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Unlocking opportunities for small businesses through innovative technology solutions and expert consulting.

In 2016, two visionary entrepreneurs, Kamohelo Mothibedi and Buntu Mdaka, founded Galelo Africa with a mission to drive positive contributions to the South African economy and the rest of Africa. Recognising the persistent barriers faced by small businesses, particularly those from previously disadvantaged backgrounds, Galelo Africa emerged, as a 100% black youth-owned business, committed to breaking down these barriers. With a deep understanding of the African market and leveraging cutting-edge technology solutions, Galelo collaborates with SMEs, large corporates and funders to foster growth, enable access to markets and facilitate funding opportunities. Its comprehensive offering includes two powerful digital platforms, Xasa and SimplyBEE, supported by its Post Investment Management Services, all aimed at empowering businesses and propelling economic progress.

Xasa: Your gateway to enhanced business-to-business connections

Galelo’s flagship digital platform, Xasa, revolutionises the business landscape by seamlessly connecting buyers, suppliers and funders within a single ecosystem. Xasa offers a plethora of benefits to its users, including a consistent deal flow of potential suppliers and investment opportunities, accompanied by the necessary supporting documentation to facilitate informed decision-making. Moreover, Xasa ensures compliance with B-BBEE requirements by sourcing businesses actively seeking ESD funding. Here’s how Xasa delivers value:

1. Transaction financing product: Xasa provides access to shortterm financing for prospective funders, enabling swift capital injection into investment opportunities showcased on the platform.

2. Supplier contract performance: Xasa’s comprehensive supplier contract performance monitoring ensures that businesses can evaluate and manage the performance of their suppliers effectively, promoting accountability and transparency.

3. Regulatory Monitoring: Xasa’s regulatory monitoring functionality keeps businesses updated on relevant regulatory requirements, ensuring compliance and minimising legal risks.

Sourcing on the Platform:

• Investment Portal: Discover and analyse a wide range of business investment opportunities while accessing valuable insights to support strategic decision-making.

• Corporate Buying Opportunities: Find corporate buying opportunities advertised on the platform, expanding your market reach and potential revenue streams.

• Suppliers and Offerings Showcased: Showcase your business and offerings to a broad network of potential buyers, driving visibility and growth.

“Xasa offers a plethora of benefits to its users, including a consistent deal flow of potential suppliers and investment opportunities.”

SimplyBEE: Streamlining B-BBEE management

Galelo’s second digital platform, SimplyBEE, simplifies and streamlines B-BBEE management for organisations.

By optimising transformation policies and monitoring compliance, SimplyBEE enables businesses to enhance revenue, mitigate risk and focus on their core operations.

Discover the key features of SimplyBEE:

1. Intuitive transformation plans: SimplyBEE provides practical plans to assist critical, high-risk suppliers in improving their B-BBEE levels over a defined time horizon, typically 1-3 years.

2. Progress monitoring and risk assessment: Track the progress of improvement plans, identify key risk areas, and receive suggested interventions, all while obtaining an overall risk rating.

3. Centralised certification management: Seamlessly retrieve, store and manage B-BBEE certificates and affidavits in one convenient location, eliminating administrative burden and enhancing compliance.

4. Customisable reporting: Generate tailored reports, providing comprehensive insights into your B-BBEE performance and facilitating effective decision-making.

Post investment management services: Nurturing investment success

Galelo Africa goes beyond initial investments and offers Post Investment Management Services, ensuring the long-term success and sustainability of investments.

By focusing on accountability, transparency and regular reporting, Galelo fosters strong investor relationships and actively manages risk. Our services include:

1. Beneficiary business development support: our comprehensive support encompasses governance, sales and marketing, legal and compliance, financial and cost management, as well as business coaching and mentorship.

2. Investor/fund risk management: We employ a risk-based approach to address key sustainability risks within invested businesses, safeguarding investor interests.

3. Investment disbursement accountability management: We ensure proper disbursement and allocation of investments, maintaining accountability throughout the investment journey.

4. Investment portfolio risk and financial reporting: Galelo Africa provides interactive monitoring and evaluation of investments, delivering realtime reporting on key performance metrics and financial insights.

Underpinned by:

• Beneficiary coaching and handover: We provide hands-on coaching and support from day one, assisting businesses in maximising their growth potential.

• System management for monitoring: Our robust programme management system enables effective monitoring and tracking of beneficiary progress.

• Tech enablement for greater business efficiency: We empower beneficiaries with technology tools to enhance operational efficiency and optimise business processes.

• Beneficiary access to business development opportunities: Galelo Africa facilitates access to growth opportunities, fostering market expansion and diversification.

• Real-time key beneficiary performance metric reporting: We provide comprehensive reporting on key performance metrics, enabling data-driven decision-making.

Galelo Africa’s impressive portfolio performance Galelo Africa’s success story is reflected in our  remarkable investment portfolio. In 2020 alone, we engaged with more than 2,500 small businesses, established strong partnerships with influential business associations and organisations, and  managed more than 650 small business funding applications online.

Our investment portfolio currently stands at R450m (USD 26m), with investments spanning across 15 sectors and 37 companies. Notably, we have created assets valued at R530m (USD 30.5m) and achieved an average annual revenue growth rate of 7-24%, totaling R196m (USD 11.3m). Our social impact extends to the creation of 174 jobs, with over 30% representation of women, and a projected annual graduation rate of 10% for more than 50 SMEs.

Galelo Africa’s portfolio performance is attributed to our commitment to easy and secure funding opportunities, empowering youth in creative industries, and driving corporate supply chain transformation.

Galelo Africa stands at the forefront of empowering small businesses, propelling economic growth and fostering a vibrant and inclusive business environment. With our transformative technology solutions, expert consulting services and unwavering commitment to success, we are determined to break down barriers and unlock opportunities for businesses across Africa. Join Galelo Africa today and embark on a journey towards sustainable growth, prosperity and social impact.

Kamohelo Mothibedi CA (SA)

Buntu Mdaka CA (SA)

Established in 2016 to provide access to market and funding participation for SMMEs through working with large corporates and funders – using in-house technology solutions and deep management consulting expertise.

To learn more about Galelo Africa and how we can help your business thrive, visit our website at

Together, let’s shape a brighter future for African businesses and economies!


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